Amazing Custom Tour

By popular demand, we now offer a PRIVATE tour of Cozumel.

Where you can drive your own 4-Passenger Jeep along the coastal byways of Cozumel, but have a guide with you to show you the highlights of Cozumel and explain to you about its history and culture.

The guide will be with you, showing you the way so you don’t get lost, and at the stops will assist you with logistics, help you to have a good time and explain to you about Cozumel and its attractions.

Customers from Punta Langosta Pier

Our service begins at the meeting site (if you cruise ship docked at the Punta Langosta Pier, the meeting point will be at the entrance of Hooters which is located across the street from the Punta Langosta Pier).

Customers from SSA and Puerta Maya Pier

Our service begins at the meeting site (if you cruise ship at the SSA Pier the meeting point will be at Plaza Maya, you need to get out side to the street and the just cross the street and walk 25 yards to the right hand side).

(if you cruise ship docked at the Puerta Maya pier the meeting point will be at Plaza Maya, you need to get outside to the street and then walk 150 yards to the left hand side to get to Plaza Maya)

Customers from Playa del Carmen

Our service begins at the meeting site (if you come from the mainland “Playa del Carmen” the meeting point will be the monument to the swallow which is located outside San Miguel Pier).

Once we pick you up from the cruise pier, we ask you if there is any specific places you want to go, or things that you would like to do.


  • Bilingual tour guide
  • Transportation included from port & hotel
  • Beach break
  • Bottled water
  • Gas & mileage
  • Insurance
  • Snorkel equipment
  • Snorkel guide


  • Towels and swimming suit
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Sunblock (biodegradable preferably)
  • Sunglasses
  • Valid driver licence


Any time (custom tour)


3 hrs.


$99 USD

additional hour per jeep $25 usd

Create your own jeep tour in Cozumel:

Our family has created a way for our guests to create their own adventure. You may customize your tour the way you like, and nothing is set in stone. Here are a few examples of things you may include.

  • Snorkel tour (included)
  • Baby Sea Turtle Hatching (On season)
  • Beach break (Included)
  • Shopping (all you want)
  • Tequila tasting tour (Included)
  • Town of San Miguel (Included)
  • Punta Sur Eco-park (At local price)
  • San Gervacio archaeological site (additional cost $5 US per person)
  • Discover scuba (additional cost per person)
  • Chocolate factory tour (additional cost per person)
  • Horseback riding (additional cost per person)
  • Cozumel beach club (additional cost per person)
  • Jet ski (additional cost per person)
  • Parasailing (additional cost per person)
  • Swim with dolphins (additional cost per person)
amazing custom tour jeep

With this self-drive sightseeing tour of Cozumel Island you can choose your destinations based on your interests. You can either instruct your guide what you would like to see and do, or you can let him prepare a great itinerary for you.

We suggest something similar to our public Jeep Tour, which is the most comprehensive sightseeing tour in Cozumel, but the itinerary is really up to you.

snorkeling amazing custom tour

You can choose to drive to the beach, visit the ruins or you can drive to the far reaches of civilization, the remote Eastern Shore of Cozumel. On Cozumel’s northeast coast, there is virtually no development, only beautiful scenery, wildlife, and seemingly endless strands of white sand beach.

mayan ruins amazing custom tour

The basic adventure lasts 3 hours, but you can add additional time for only $25.00 per hour per Jeep, so that you can customize your start time and itinerary to work perfectly with your cruise ship or vacation schedule.

Cruise Passengers: Yes! This tour makes a great shore excursion. You can walk right across the street from the pier and get dropped off there afterward!

When: Daily on Your Schedule.

Where: Complimentary pickup from your hotel (in most cases) or across the Street from the Cruise Ship Piers. Exact directions will be shown on your confirmation.

How Long: 3 Hours. Additional Hours are Available for $25.00 Per Jeep Per Hour (Recommended).

Kids: Ages 4 and up. Minimum Age for drivers 21 years old.

Requires: All guests who wish to drive must present a valid drivers license.

Notes: Drivers must be 21 years old and must be sober upon pick up. Intoxicated people will not be allowed to drive.

Most Jeeps are manual shift, but if you need an automatic, please write that request in the special instructions when booking and we will try to accommodate whenever possible. We have automatic Jeeps.

4 people to a Jeep. Jeeps are comfortable for 4 people or less, but if 3 people are fairly small (like kids), then you can have 3 in the back seat for a total of 5 people per Jeep, but it will be tight. Best to keep it to 4.

This is a SELF-DRIVE tour. There will be a guide with you, but he will either be in his own vehicle, or in the same Jeep as you (if you have 3 participants or less), however due to the strict taxi union rules in Cozumel, you will have to be the one to drive.


01 cruise ships amazing custom tour
02 couple jeep amazing custom tour
03 lunch amazing custom tour
04 beach amazing custom tour
05 iguana amazing custom tour
06 family amazing custom tour
07 tequila tour amazing custom tour
08 punta sur amazing custom tour
09 photographer amazing custom tour