Knows a Little About Cozumel Island

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Cozumel (Cuzamil) is the first geographic spot that welcomes the rays of the sun every day; ever since its beginnings as a human settlement in the year 300 BC, even today a particular tone both for its visitors as well as for its residents.

Although palm roofs – a Mayan building tradition ever since the Island was a shrine for Ixchel, the fertility goddess- have been replaced by sturdy concrete structures, its residents still preserve the innocence, honesty and willingness to serve that have always depicted the Mayan culture.

Brief information gathered through historical documents cannot be compared with the vast collection of remains left by its ancient inhabitants as evidence of the importance the Island of the Swallows had as a maritime trading port of their ancient culture before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors who, due to the geographic position, chose it as a key site for their navigation, where they had the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful sunsets.

Warm to its guests ever since, cradle of marine turtles, flamingos, raccoons and coatimundis, Cozumel also sheltered famous pirates around the 17th. century, and, by reasons unknown, it was suddenly uninhabited. During its years of desolation and solitude, it nurtured that peculiar sensation now reaped by each of its visitors when caught in the happiness of this small piece of land, surrounded by turquoise-color waters, when the Island is tickled by the visitors’ footsteps its surface.



As its origins are in an Island, at present the culture of Cozumel is quite peculiar, with its unique way of life and strong roots deriving from its re-inhabitants who have inherited into their descendants and new residents the simplicity, tranquility and slow-paced life featured in fishermen villages of long ago.

People with deeply rooted custom of listening to the radio in spite of the arrival of the most eccentric media communications, traditional movie and baseball fans, and spendthrifts when it comes to creativity, allegory and conviviality during the Carnival (February) and the El Cedral (May) celebrations. Without reservations, these festivities bring all victors who like to come to Cozumel TOGETHER to celebrate. “San Miguel” is the name borne by this small and centric town, baptized in honor of the archangel, considered the protector of the Island and its residents even when they are away.

With great honor the Cozumelenians have known how to sacrifice the Island’s original urban appearance modifying it in order to give way to progress which leads to sharing the beauty of the town, the wild nature and the unique color of the surrounding waters and clear air with other cultures that come to meet her and make it theirs for a few days.



The Island’s dimensions are 48 kilometers from north to south and 8 from east to west, enabling visitors to explore it while visiting. The white beaches that frame the Island are not the only reason that will make you fall in love with it.

The average ambient temperature is 27°C; warm summers are between 27°C to 32°C, and in winter the temperature cools to around 21°C. Therefore, in Cozumel everyday is a good day to go to the beach and the water stands between 25°C to 27°C year round.

One of its great privileges is sheltering the largest reef system in the Americas. The Mesoamerican Reef makes every divers’ dreams come as it houses more than 250 species of tropical fish including the queen angel fish and the frogfish not seen anywhere else in the world; marine turtles and a unending variety of marine species poking around for those who rather enjoy snorkeling without exploring the depths.

On land the trees are flecked by fragatebirds, cormorants, tree frogs, and some pelicans that like to hang out with humans at the waterfront promenade. Everywhere and during the mating season complete battalions of crab; and around the Island, friendly iguanas showing all ranges of colors. If it rains, tortoises come out to take a stroll through the jungle and the city, grateful for the humidity; in the meantime, jealous marine turtles bury their eggs in any of the Island’s beaches without stopping at curious gazes from the humans.