Amazing Family Jeep Tour with snorkel and lunch

All the Jeep tours offered online are the same one, and it is a caravan tour. Our Cozumel jeep adventure is unique in Cozumel.

Our service begins at the meeting site (Puerta Maya pier and International pier across the Guitar Statute of Royal Village, Punta Langosta Pier across from Señor Frogs; hotel clients at the gatehouse. Playa del Carmen clients at the Mexican Flag monument near the fiscal pier).

Customers from Punta Langosta Pier

Our service begins at the meeting site (if you cruise ship docked at the Punta Langosta Pier, the meeting point will be at the entrance of Hooters which is located across the street from the Punta Langosta Pier).

Customers from SSA and Puerta Maya Pier

Our service begins at the meeting site (if you cruise ship at the SSA Pier the meeting point will be at Plaza Maya, you need to get out side to the street and the just cross the street and walk 25 yards to the right hand side).

(if you cruise ship docked at the Puerta Maya pier the meeting point will be at Plaza Maya, you need to get outside to the street and then walk 150 yards to the left hand side to get to Plaza Maya)

Customers from Playa del Carmen

Our service begins at the meeting site (if you come from the mainland “Playa del Carmen” the meeting point will be the monument to the swallow which is located outside San Miguel Pier).

Once we pick you up from the cruise pier, we ask you if there is any specific places you want to go, or things that you would like to do.


  • Bilingual guide
  • Transportation
  • Free entrances
  • Beach break
  • Free extended time
  • Water & beers
  • Mexican food
  • Free snorkel tour
  • Gas & mileage
  • Insurance


  • Towels and swimming suit
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Sunblock (biodegradable preferably)
  • Sunglasses
  • Valid driver licence


Any time (private tour)


5 to 6 hrs.


$60 USD


$45 USD

Children under 3 yrs. old are FREE

Create your own tour with the following options:

  • Snorkel tour (included)
  • Beach (included)
  • Punta Sur park (At local price)
  • Beach bar/restaurants (includes meals and no drinks)
  • Shopping (all you want)
  • El Cedral, small Mayan town and structure (free)
  • Town of San Miguel (free)
  • Beach club (free)
  • San Gervacio archaeological site (additional cost $5 US per person)
  • Discover scuba (additional cost per person)
  • Horseback riding (additional cost per person)
  • Jet ski (additional cost per person)
  • Parasailing (additional cost per person)
  • Swim with dolphins (additional cost per person)
beach club

Private Cozumel beach club offers many great facilities. We take our guests to a private beach club, so they are not overcrowded by cruise passengers. There is a pool, showers, lockers, restuarant, bar, beach massage, snorkeling and much more available here.

Your private guide will take you on your own private snorkel tour. Cozumel reefs are very lively, so you’ll be able to discover many different kind of sea creatures during your snorkel tour with our professional snorkel guide and enjoy the complimentary beer or water we provide.

punta sur

Punta Sur Biosphere Reserve (Admission Included) where you will admire the Island’s flora and fauna; also learn some history of the Mayas in the structure built by our ancestors known as El Caracol, where our guides will tell you about this remarkable culture.

Once you have reached the Punta Sur lighthouse, climb all the way to the top where you will be able to relish in with the fantastic landscape of Colombia lagoon, the different shades of the Mexican Caribbean Sea and visit as small museum in site where, among other things, you will learn about the beginnings of navigation in colonial times.

Laguna de Colombia, which is part of a three-lagoon system and a habitat of crocodiles. You may see many resident and migratory waterfowl and many other rare & unique creatures. Crocs can be seen from shore or the bridge that stretches pretty far out into the lagoon. You may climb some stairs to a nice lookout over the lagoon, and there is also a trail through mangroves. There is a unique Mayan Ruin, and you’ll discover the history behind it from your private guide and find out how the ruin is still used till this day! Then if you like, you may travel down to the gorgeous beach of Punta Sur.

The water is so crystal clear it looks like glass because of how still the water is. AMAZING! Our Custom Private Jeep excursion in Cozumel, has something for everyone, and your able to create your own adventure around your interests and schedule.

Later you will drive through a jungle road to the beach for your aquatic adventure, snorkeling, where the marine life can be appreciated in its entire splendor.

While at this beach enjoy a 100% Mexican lunch. Bon appetit!

east side

East Side of Cozumel, Known as “The Other Side of the island” After lunch we will explore the beautiful beaches on the east side of the Island.

We start off by taking you to the other side of Cozumel, has magnificent white sand beaches, blow holes, mesmerizing rock formations, caves, secret beaches, off-road paths and much more.

The beaches on this side of the island, are the most spectacular. Your private guide will take you to explore the best sites and discover hidden beaches and caves that many tourists will never experience, Theres no electricity on this side of the island, and theres only a few scattered beach restuarant/bars that fit perfectly here.

The other side of the Island, you’ll stop at a Beach Bar/Restuarant with the most magnificent view of the Caribbean. You’ll enjoy an authentic Mexican food We have lunch for vegetarians, and great options for the pickiest eaters, which is all included.

We also include a cooler of beer and water that you may use for your meal instead of buying something, and so you’ll always have refreshments when relaxing on one of the beautiful beaches.

There is a amazing beach across from the beach restuarant, that you may go enjoy before or after your meal and there is a certified lifeguard on duty. This is a very secluded beach. The other side of Cozumel is the perfect place to get away from all the tourist traps and crowds, where you’ll have your own piece of paradise, relazing on one of the deserted beaches all to yourself!

tequila tour

Tequila Tour We will move on until we reach the last stop at the tequila factory. You will learn this drink’s entire distillation process, tasting its different flavors, smells and colors… You can not miss it!

At the end of the tequila tour you will return to the starting point. Come and enjoy this wonderful adventure with us!

There are many other activities to see and do.

If your looking for the perfect adventure to discover the real sights of Cozumel, our Private Cozumel Jeep tour is perfect for you!


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