Snorkel Tour by Boat

Its hard to tell which snorkel tour is better when they all say the same thing.

Choosing a tour is always a time consuming task, and we always recommend doing your research. Our guests always tell us that they did tons of research, and came to the conclusion that we were their #1 choice. Our family has worked so hard to make sure that all of our guests have the best experience snorkeling in Cozumel.

Customers from Punta Langosta Pier

Our service begins at the meeting site (if you cruise ship docked at the Punta Langosta Pier, the meeting point will be at the entrance of Hooters which is located across the street from the Punta Langosta Pier).

Customers from SSA and Puerta Maya Pier

Our service begins at the meeting site (if you cruise ship at the SSA Pier the meeting point will be at Plaza Maya, you need to get out side to the street and the just cross the street and walk 25 yards to the right hand side).

(if you cruise ship docked at the Puerta Maya pier the meeting point will be at Plaza Maya, you need to get outside to the street and then walk 150 yards to the left hand side to get to Plaza Maya)

Customers from Playa del Carmen

Our service begins at the meeting site (if you come from the mainland “Playa del Carmen” the meeting point will be the monument to the swallow which is located outside San Miguel Pier).

Once we pick you up from the cruise pier, we ask you if there is any specific places you want to go, or things that you would like to do.


  • Transportation included from Port & Hotel
  • Licensed Captains
  • Beer & Liquor
  • Water and Soda
  • Freshly Cut Fruits
  • Snacks
  • Snorkel Equipment
  • Bilingual Snorkel Guide


  • Towel & Swimming
  • Comfortable Shoes & Clothes
  • Sunblock (biodegradable preferably)
  • Sunglasses
  • Valid driver licence


Flexible Time


3 hrs.


$50 USD


$45 USD

snorkel boat colorful boat

Always make sure that the tour operator has Marine Park permits,  because many do not and are not allowed to snorkel/dive in the Marine Park, which includes Palancar Reef, Colombia Reef & El Cielo Sandbar. They no longer provide permits, and if you are on a boat that doesn’t have them, it could ruin your day in Cozumel.​

We are a family tour operator in Cozumel that has been providing our famous Cozumel Snorkel adventure for over 13 years. What makes our snorkel tours unique, is the fact that we only provide small group tours for our guests, so we can provide a more personalized experience.

snorkel boat turtle

This allows for a more comfortable snorkel experience,  and for our guests to get a more personalized experience with our professional snorkel guides. If you have more than 8 people in your group, you may ask for a private boat at no additional cost. We include the Marine Park fees & docking fees, and have no hidden costs. We are also the only snorkel tour operator who picks our guests up from the cruise piers, resorts and ferry, if your coming from Playa Del Carmen.

snorkel boat group people

Many of our guests are repeat customers.  We have made lots of friends over the years and plan on making many more. By remaining a small family Cozumel snorkel tour operator in Cozumel, we are able to offer lower prices and provide our guests with so much more. We try to make our guests as comfortable as possible so we pick you up from the Cozumel Cruise Piers, Hotel/Resort or Ferry. Our Cozumel snorkel guides all speak fluent English, and absolutely love what they do. Our family goal is to make sure that we are the highlight of your vacation.​

Since we only take a small group of people, we will be able to provide personal assistance to those who may need it, and who may not feel as confident in the water. So if you never went snorkeling or aren’t a strong swimmer, don’t worry, our snorkel guides are specialized in helping you get in and out of the water, and assist you while your in. Our platform boat makes getting in and out of the water much easier than other boats in Cozumel.

We like to be flexible, and are always open for suggestions.  If you went snorkeling in Cozumel before and have a particular reef you’d like to visit, we’ll make sure to include it in your snorkel trip in Cozumel. We take our guests to the best reefs in Cozumel, which are Palancar Reef, Colombia Reef and more. Most snorkel tour operators do not take people snorkeling here because they are to far and their tours are only 2 hours or less. Our Cozumel Snorkel tour takes you out longer than most, giving you an opportunity to truly experience the spectacular sights of each Cozumel reef we explore. We take you to a reef in Cozumel that others don’t. We discovered a gorgeous snorkel location, which is a shallow reef that has lots of colorful sea fans, and will most likely get up close and personal with a sea turtle when snorkeling there.

snorkel boat underwater turtle

We will prepare our famous guacamole right in front of you. You’ll have your choice of drinks from soda, beer and iced cold water. There are no limit on how much you drink, and always make sure to have plenty of food and drinks on board. We have never ran out of beer and don’t plan on it. We also chop up some delicious fruit. If you have any specific requests for food or drinks, please feel free to let us know on our reservation page, under the additional comments. Let us know if you have a birthday or special event you would like to celebrate, and we’ll make sure you have an amazing celebration with cake and anything else you would like to include during your snorkel tour in Cozumel.

snorkel boat reef
snorkel boat mask

Our professional snorkel guides have been working with us for many years, and know the entire reef system perfectly, and know where to find specific sea creatures. We normally see sea turtles, as Cozumel has the best Eco system for them. If you have something specific you would like to see, feel free to ask and we will take you to where you will see one.

Never snorkeled before?

One of the great things about providing small group snorkel tours, is that we are able to give our guests personal assistance if needed.


01 snorkel boat 4 people
02 snorkel boat 5 people
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05 snorkel boat cruise ship people
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07 snorkel boat 2 underwater girls
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09 snorkel boat couple with fish