Why book with us?

We are experts and family owned tour operator,who own and operate our own private tours.

We have been providing our family tours for almost 13 years. Our work is to be the GREAT of your vacation!

Looking for a Cozumel Mexico Excursions may become confusing as all online companies sound the same. Most probably is that all are selling the same tours, but with different descriptions. We operate our own tours, with native Cozumel guides. Out family is the owner and operates with small groups and private visits not available anywhere else. Our Cozumel Excursions offer much more, for much less.

If your cruise ship doesn´t arrive or something happens that keeps you from taking the tour we will refund your deposit 100% no questions asked. Please contact us 24 hrs so we may get your spot filled. Remember no tour, no pay.

We have a 100% REFUNDABLE deposit to secure your reservation. We only use PayPal, because it is the most secure payment processing on the internet. We never have access to any of your personal information, and especially anyone else. If you don´t have PayPal account don´t worry, debit or credit card it´s enough.

Many cruise ship scare their passengers informing they will miss their ship if their tours are not reserved through them before arriving to each port. All tours in Cozumel are designed based on the cruise ship embarking time and for 13 years we have been in this business, not one person has missed their ship.

We also vacation in Cozumel and know exactly what is needed to have the most spectacular experience when visiting the Island of Cozumel, Mexico. We directly communicate with all our clients and enjoy helping create a fantastic trip in Cozumel. We very much like to help people have the most incredible experience in the Island. We are devoted to help find the best tour in Cozumel that adapts to your interests.

We are the most reliables tour operator in Cozumel, when you book with us. Often tour websites use several tour operators, we have the best option for you, your vacation is the most important for us!!!

We have excellent customer service and love giving great advice, We understand that most of our guests are only able to vacation once a year, so we make sure you have a magnificent day in Cozumel. Let us to help you build great memories!